The PSOE closed 2013 with a debt of 64.55 million, almost 20 million more than the PP



The PSOE closed the year 2013 with a consolidated debt of 64.55 million euros, which is almost 10% less than at the end of 2012, according to the breakdown of accounts published on Thursday by the party and, according to them, becomes the “most transparent party in Spain.”

Of that amount, 42.5 million correspond to credit operations with mortgage guarantee , requested to buy, reform and rehabilitate property of the party, while 1.65 million are loans requested to finance electoral campaigns until the Administration reimburses them based on the results obtained.

The remaining 20 million are operations with personal guarantee ” to cover specific treasury needs or delays in the collection of subsidies “. The PSOE did not benefit in 2012 or 2013 from any debt cancellation.


In 2013 the total revenues of the PSOE amounted to 64.3 million euros, of which 42.6 were official grants (of which 18.8 were from the State, 17.7 from Autonomous Communities and 6 million from other institutions) and 11.7 quotas of affiliates and public positions, while the remaining 10 million come from donations and contributions (3.66) and financial and extraordinary income (3.7). For 2014, the budget foresees revenues of 42 million, of which 18.8 will be subsidies and 8.5 million will come from quotas, while extraordinary income and external financing amount to 14.8 million.

In the accounts presented by the PP on the year of 2013, a debt of more than 45 million euros was published, with 35 million long-term debts and almost 5 million for loans received by credit institutions. Also the PP had to face some interests for this debt of 1.27 million euros.

In terms of income, it presented 76.7 million distributed as follows: 58 million for subsidies, 3.7 million in extraordinary income and 14.2 in the form of other income.

The money of Pedro Sánchez

The money of Pedro Sánchez

Among the documents that the PSOE has made public are the declarations of assets, rents and interests of its Federal Executive Commission. The general secretary of the party, declares charging 2,813.87 euros gross per month (in 14 payments) as a deputy and 2,667.5 euros gross per month (in another 14 payments) of the socialist group in Congress as president of the group. To that we add a contribution for diets for 870 euros per month, also 14 times a year. Of his emoluments, the leader of the PSOE donates 420 euros to the party – also in 14 installments – and pays 84 euros a year as an affiliate.

The leader of the PSOE charges 13,411 for real estate leases In addition to a Peugeot 407 valued at 30,000 euros, Sánchez has two houses in Madrid, both with garages, acquired in 1992 and 2008 . The second one with a mortgage 159,300 euros with Bankia, whose outstanding balance is 127,220.75 euros. It has 15,834.3 euros in shares of Red Eléctrica and 3,309.9 euros in Repsol.

Sánchez also has a pension plan with BBVA of 85,366.34 euros and 4,891.58 euros in a current account in the same financial institution. To this, it unites 1,555.27 euros in Triodos Bank and 14,525.34 euros in the social security plan of the Courts corresponding to the 2008-2012 period.

The statement of assets and income of the socialist leader includes other income received: 13,411.20 euros for leases of real estate ; 562.31 for dividends and profit sharing of companies and 184.02 for interests. Sanchez also has life and accident insurance with BBVA worth 350,000 euros that Congress grants to all deputies in case of death or absolute disability.

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