The City Council promotes the financing of the second phase of the rehabilitation of the San Andrés agreement



This second phase has a budget, according to the basic project already drafted, of approximately 3.25 million euros. Grants under this central government program can reach up to 60 percent of the total; therefore, the commitment of the Municipal Housing Institute, to contribute the remaining 40 percent, to finance the works cited during the 2018-2019 financial year has also been expressed.

In this regard, they recalled that the City of Malaga is carrying out the rehabilitation of the Convent of San Andrés, whose purpose is to recover this historic site dating from the sixteenth century giving it the splendor that it had before.

In the first phase, which is co-financed by the City Council and the Ministry of Public Works -through 1.5 percent Cultural-, the Refectorium of the old San Andrés Convent, where General Torrijos was imprisoned, is being recovered, and recovery is also included. from other dependencies of the Convent.

The Refectorium, once rehabilitated, will be used for the exhibition and administration space of the Historical Interpretation Center dedicated to the memory of Torrijos. With an area of ​​238.20 square meters, it consists of the vaulted room, lobby and toilet. On the other hand, the other dependencies of the Convent that are rehabilitated in this first phase, will be destined to the Carnaval Foundation of Malaga; consisting of three floors and a useful area of ​​286.95 square meters.

It also addresses the integration of this first phase in the urban plot environment, with the execution of a small square between these two buildings that are recovered. The project of the first phase has been prepared by the architect José Ramón Cruz del Campo. The total bidding budget of this first phase amounts to 1,207,664.45 euros.

On the other hand, as explained by the City through a statement, in the second phase, the Consistory is planning the recovery of the rest of the historic building as well as the courtyard of the building, which means an area of ​​more than 2,500 meters squares.

The estimated investment for the development of this project amounts to 3,250,577 euros. The drafting of this second phase of the rehabilitation has been awarded to the architect Demófilo Peláez, whose basic project has already been drawn up, and the execution draft is in draft.


On the other hand, it has also been approved to accept the free donation offered by Juan Jiménez Rodríguez from a bibliographic collection of his property to be incorporated into the Municipal Archive.

This fund called ‘Legacy Juan Jiménez’ is formed by a set of about 14,000 literary works, valued as a whole at 100,000 euros. Its theme is very varied: history, art, literature, science, gastronomy, bullfighting, religions and cultures of all civilizations, biographical studies and especially military history.

The Culture Department believes that with these new funds the municipal bibliographic heritage is enriched due to the quality of the donated works.


Similarly, the local government board has given its approval to the signing of a framework collaboration agreement between the City of Malaga and Eticom, Cluster of Digital Economy of Andalusia, for the development of joint actions that increase the level of the city of Malaga as Smart City (‘Smart City’).

The City of Malaga has among its competences the commitment to innovation and new technologies as a way to achieve a new model of service to the citizen, creating opportunities, generating employment and economic activity, promoting the activity of SMEs of the Tic sector and it is of interest to define lines of work and collaboration that allow to promote current modernization projects and promote their sustainability.

Eticom, on the other hand, is a non-profit private multi-sector association, whose main purpose is to improve the competitiveness of the Andalusian business sector in the field of ICT and contribute to the search for solutions that increase sustainability, innovation, productivity and business efficiency.

On the other hand, there has been a proposal for approval of the extension of the lease contract for a total of 26 vehicles for the Local Police through the system of ‘renting’, for an amount of 271,121.76 euros.

Thus, it is about nine patrol cars, eleven cars with kit for detainees, three camouflaged vehicles, two off-road vehicles and a van to support traffic.

On the other hand, the local government board has also approved the contracting file, for a maximum amount of 500,000 euros, of the collective life-disability insurance for the City Council employees, as well as the list of economic and administrative conditions that serve as a basis to the tender, whose amount will be charged to the fiscal year 2018.

Likewise, the signing of an agreement between the Malaga City Council and the Confederation of Businessmen of Málaga (CEM), which will be signed next Monday, has been approved, with the aim of strengthening and invigorating the Investment Attraction Center of Malaga.


On the other hand, a green light has been given to authorize Don Pequeñín SL to mortgage the public concession granted on a parcel of municipal land located on Avenida Imperio Argentina for the construction of a nursery school. The credit must be used entirely to finance the construction of the early childhood education center.

Likewise, it has been agreed to reject the request presented by the municipal group Málaga Ahora and the community of owners of the Phase IX Pyramids to initiate a procedure for the termination of the public concession of a plot granted in May 2015, in La Crónica street, in favor of the Bishopric of Malaga for the expansion of the parish center.

Finally, they have agreed to request a subsidy of 15,000 euros from the Andalucian Youth Institute of the Junta de Andalucía to develop the municipal program of the ‘Alterna en la noche’ Youth Area.

This veteran and pioneer program of the City of Malaga has a budget for this year 2017 of 45,052.06 euros. Its financing is planned with a municipal contribution of 30,052.06 euros and the rest with the subsidy of 15,000 euros.

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